“Life is not about how hard YOU HIT,its about how hard you CAN GET HIT and keep moving”

Rocky is a movie which was written and acted by Sylvester Stallone..the movie was an underdog untill they progressed with more money..and yeah!…the movie was an amazing sleeper making 1 million dollars in just 28 days!..

Music: Oh yes!..how can i forget this?..the movie would have been completely unworthy of its classic title if Bill Conti had not provided that striking sound in the background..the famous “Gonna Fly Now”

“The world aint all sunshines and rainbows’

Story: Rocky is an amateur boxer(the road to success is always started with uncertainty) who accepted the challenge, fought daily, worked nights and was persistent.Rocky, ALSO KNOWN as “The Italian Stallion” gets a chance to fight Apollo Creed, “the dancing destroyer”so that he could become a “somebody” from a “nobody”.Rocky’s determination,simplicity,willpower,and the courage to face his fears have led him to victory in life as well as in the ring.

“If success was easy everyone would achieve it”

Acting:Sylvester Stallone acts in the movie as Rocky and shows his neverbackdown spirit which is in him.Talia Shire acts as Adrian,his wife who is shy and quiet..but alwys supports him in his endaevors. Burt Young acts as Paulie, adrians brother and unfortunately a drunkard who hated Rocky. Burgees Meredith acts as mickey goldmill who is rockys trainer..a line said by him is..”During training you should eat thunder and crap lightning”.

Nevertheless it is a breathtaking movie which keeps you pinned down to your seat.the movie makes you go the distance and reach out for what you can’t.It has taught me never to back down when life throws you in the ditches.A classic.Truly.


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